Carinne Gilliam
Carinne Giliam Senior Client Service Associate

Carinne joined our team in 2021 with a desire to explore a new career path and learn more about the world of finance. Since then, her position at Leonard & Martens, LLC has provided her with continuous professional growth. Each day presents Carinne with new challenges, providing opportunities to expand her knowledge and refine her skills.

Devoted to building strong relationships with our clients, Carinne offers dedicated service and a quality experience. Engaging with clients in person and over the phone, she handles inquiries and ensures that all tasks are completed. Her attention to detail and well-organized approach help ensure that all matters are well-managed.

Carinne understands that trust is essential in client relationships. Clients rely on her to handle sensitive financial matters, provide accurate information, and always act in their best interest. By maintaining confidentiality and fulfilling commitments, Carinne believes she earns this trust. Her adaptability is also beneficial as she tailors services to each client’s specific needs and responds to changing circumstances.

Having been born and raised in Anchorage, Carinne finds her happy place in the great outdoors. During the summer months, she enjoys hiking, camping, and playing tennis. As winter sets in, you'll find her embarking on snowy adventures, baking, and engaging in competitive board games.